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Rep Season 2013 – Performance Day 18 – SAM MILLARD (Sacco/Fedotitch/Woodcutter)

January 29, 2013

‘We’re practically brothers’

Today is a big day and, by the end of it, Rep 2013 will be fully opened. 

Fiesco is flying, the heartbeat of the show is in us now and everyone feels comfortable to really play, Three Sisters too has got to that point and the enjoyment of being in it is coming through in the performance. 
Blood Wedding, that opens tonight, is a killer of a show in every sense of the word. As actors it’s physically and mentally gruelling, as a director I can only imagine how difficult it is to get your head around such a complex and unnatural world, and for the stage manager, well she has spent what must seem like a lifetime making costumes on top of doing the normal stage managery stuff. 
I am not going to lie, it’s been a long hard journey. When you have two shows already open to paying public and rehearsing a third that is particularly intense you end up slightly delirious and very tired. Don’t ask me what day of the week it is, cos most of the time I don’t know. When you are doing a show like this, tempers can get frayed and emotions can run high, but at the end of today we will have a show and have let the press and public in to praise or savage as they see fit. 

This is testament to a group of people who are basically a family. Brothers and sisters with the occasional bit of mothering thrown in, and an odd drunk uncle here and there. It sounds silly but what it boils down to is that if we weren’t so tight as people, we would not have got here. All the grumps, strops, tantrums and zoning out that goes on in every job in the world happens, but it’s not in the least bit damaging. You go into the green room, outside for a cigarette, into the bar or coffee shop. Have a grumble and it’s gone. Why? Cos you let it out properly, both barrels saying what you’re feeling and it’s gone. You can only do this with and to people you love, trust and feel wont ultimately judge you for it, cos they and you know that when your heads hit the pillow and tomorrow rolls around the stuff that was said is now nothing more than an exhalation of breath, that what you needed was a gripe or a cry or a moan, and for someone you trust to listen and put a hand on your shoulder when you needed it. This is a family, and an incredibly lovely, understanding and supporting one, each member with different strengths and needs. This is in no small part down to The Faction’s core of people. You don’t come in to a Faction show cold, you already know from the start you are going to have people around you who will support you through it all and make it the most fun it can be! Long may it continue. 
By the time you read this Blood Wedding will be open! The nerves will have jangled, and we will be getting the live show really deep into our bones. I’m sure someone else will update you on how all that went! 
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