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Rep Season 2013 – Performance Day 1 – ELIZABETH TWELLS (Bertha/Irina/Girl)

January 7, 2013

‘Soaring into the blue yonder…’

Currently I’m sat on a busy central line train, quietly knowing that tonight we open the UK premiere of Fiesco.
I’m looking at my fellow commuters calmly, but my stomach is flipping and I’m trying to suppress the urge to stand on my seat and proclaim my fear/excitement in what could only be vocalised as ‘mwahghhhoo!’
And I wouldn’t change it for the world. 
We have now moved into the New Diorama which will be our home until the 23rd February and what a lovely home it is. The change from the rehearsal room to the theatre is a terrifying and electrifying moment. In other words, it suddenly becomes very real.
One thing I try to bear in mind through the costume-fittings, the lighting plots and the readjustments is that, although I know the story, the audience don’t, and to tell a good story I must try and see everything with fresh eyes. I must stand USR during the top of Act 2, Scene 4 but I must also keep experiencing, listening and responding. As Mark (Leipacher, director) says – ‘never deny an impulse.’
With that in mind, as tonight is the first time we share this story with human beings, I will keep calm and remember where to stand, what to say and most importantly, why I’m saying it.
The fun thing is we have 2 more shows to open after this… 
I might have to scream at the central line for my sanity.
Or travel alone.
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